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See what other people are saying about our Portola Bridge Creek apartments! At Portola Bridge Creek Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


(2014)This place definitely needs updated reviews. This complex is by far one of the better places I have lived. Office staff for the most part are great and take care of any issues that arise. Everyone has off days. Apartments are larger than most. Reasonable rent.Pet friendly and they work with you on your rent/deposits etc. The negatives: The W/S/G seems to go up every month. Fitness center is in need of updated machines that work. Laundry mat needs working machines; a third of em are not working and the business center has not worked since I moved in 6 months ago. Small parking spaces and not enough parking. Only TV service I am able to get is Comcast due to the location of apartment. (2016)Update: after being here almost 2 years, I have learned that it has new management, repainted but didn't fix the issues. Always trying to improve looks of apartments at tenants cost. They do not deal with complaints about neighbors(mainly because theres not much they can do). Even though they have breed restrictions, I have seen every single breed on the list. I personally like all breeds but I wish they would put their animal on a leash. The office doesnt enforce that either. The dog run gates are broken and have been for some time. The dog run is full of poop because owners do not pick up after their animals. They still have an issue with the homeless camp across the street getting into the compactor.they keep raising rent. Walls are thin. (2019)Update #3: New owners & new maintenance. : ( Remodel going on in the office( getting game room/ exercise room ) .New dog park!! and the old one is still here and open. New fire pit and bench swings and bbq station in the quart yard!!! parking still is an issue and is getting worse. Homeless camp is gone because more apartments are being built. Still can here everything from the neighbor above me ( wish they'd install insulation between the levels). I'm able to hear people run up the stairs because it shakes everything on my walls. Theres not as much dog doodoo not being picked up but it's still pretty bad. Rent is a bit spendy.




Even at the most busy times, and even when I say it's not a rush job, little things I request to be fixed that I cannot fix myself are always done quick and with a smile. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.



I am updating this Since AMC management has taken over at Bridge Creek, they have really stepped up their game. If there's an issue, the office or maintenance takes care of it immediately. I fell down the stairs and one of the maintenance men helped me walk to my car and carry my things. That's not in their job description but he helped me anyway. I am moving, but only because I found an apartment with a better commute to work, otherwise I would continue to live there. I will miss Pam in the office and each of the maintenance workers that have always been so helpful.



Kitchen sink clogged and disposal jammed, called and took 2 days to get 10 minute fix.


I love my apartment home here at Bridge Creek. Management & Maintenance staff are very sweet. Grounds & pool are very nice. Price is reasonable compared to...


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